Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of All Time

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of All Time

Most Subscribed YouTube Channels of All Time

YouTube is as big as ever in today’s world with millions of content creators on the platform uploading every single day. It’s the home of video entertainment for many and lots have made YouTube into a full time career.

This article will showcase the ten most subscribed YouTube channels of all time to the date of writing this article.

10 – Taylor Swift – 22,534,000 + Subscribers

It’s no surprise that Taylor Swift is on this list with many of her music videos reaching over 100,000,000 million views. Taylor has three videos over 1 billion views with two of those videos with a view count of a staggering 2 billion.
most subscribed youtube channels - taylor swift

Although she doesn’t upload frequently, many subscribe to her everyday because of recurring views to her videos as they’re music videos instead of content such as vlogs.

9 – Smosh – 22,722,000 + Subscribers

Smosh is a channel which many will recognize if they have been YouTube for a while. The channel originally started off as two people (Ian and Anthony) and then turned into a full organisation to create entertainment for viewers. Anthony has now left Smosh as he wants to focus on make independent content for his channel.

most subscribed youtube channels - smosh

Smosh has a combined total views of over 6.5 billion! Content is uploaded twice a week on the channel on Wednesday and Friday.

8 – Katy Perry – 23,173,000 + Subscribers

Katy Perry is on the list at number 8. Katy Perry is another VEVO channel like Taylor Swift in which music videos and and audio for her songs are uploaded to as well as other platforms such as Spotify and Apple music. Katy currently has one video over two billion views and another which is 40 million views under 2 billion.

most subscribed youtube channels - katy perry

7 – elrubiusOMG – 24,763,000 + Subscribers

Many of you might not of heard of elrubius because he is a Spanish content creator. This means that his content will not show in the suggested videos if you’re in a English speaking country.  He makes gaming videos as well as vlogs in which he records his daily activities. elrubius has a total of view count of 5,477,807,839!

most subscribed youtube channels - elrubiusomg

6 – RihannaVEVO – 24,945,000 + Subscribers

Another music channel on the top 10 most subscribed list. Rihanna is one of the most famous people in the world and it’s no surprise that her YouTube channel is number 6 on the list. Rihanna has a total view count of 11.4 billion. Rihanna has one video over 1 billion views which is Diamonds.

most subscribed youtube channels - rihanna

5 – YouTube Spotlight – 25,547,000 + Subscribers

This channel is a bit different from the rest on this list. YouTube Spotlight showcases a variety of videos which have to do with YouTube. The most popular series on their channel is the YouTube Rewind series. This is a video made every year which showcases the most popular events which happened in that year and contains famous YouTubers,

most subscribed youtube channels - youtube rewind

4 – JustinBeiberVEVO – 29,913,000 + Subscribers

The last VEVO/music channel on this list, it’s Justin Beiber. I’m sure most if not all of you know who Justin Beiber is. He has a total combined views of 15.5 billion. The most interesting video he has on his channel is his music video Baby. It has 1.6 billion views and is one of the most disliked videos on all of YouTube with 7.6 million dislikes.

most subscribed youtube channels - justin beiber

3 – HolaSoyGerman- 31,929,000 + Subscribers

HolaSoyGerman is a YouTube channel which a lot of you probably don’t recognize. He is a German content creator which makes videos about skits. The views he gets are staggering, getting an average of 20 million + per video.

most subscribed youtube channels -holasoygerman

2 – YouTube Movies – 49,700,000 + Subscribers

YouTube Movies is a channel which uploads movies for people to buy with money. They have over 49,000,000 million subscribers. The main reason for this amount of subscribers is because it automatically ticks a box to subscribe to this channel when first creating a YouTube channel.

most subscribed youtube channels - youtube movies


1 – PewDiePie – 55,885,000 + Subscribers

Now for the number one most subscribed channel on all of YouTube it is PewDiePie! PewDiePie creates a variety of content but mainly focuses on gaming content. PewDiePie has a total view count of over 15 billion! Unlike a lot of the other content creators on this list he usually uploads every day with each video getting over a few million on average.

most subscribed youtube channels - pewdiepie

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